Raclette Recipe


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This is a famous Swiss traditional winter dish. Actually I am not a fan of cheese at all. But in a way, after three years leaving here I enjoyed it on a cold day, when the temperature drops down to minus. Hope you like it too!

  • 400 gram any kind of Raclette cheese you may like.
  • 500 gram small potatoes.
  • Dried meat, such as smoked bacon, prosciutto, salami or ham...
  • Pickled onions, cucumbers and young corns...
  • Mixed Salad with your favourite dressing.
  • Salt and peper to season.
  • Tabletop raclette oven.

How to make Raclette

  • The raclette cheese usually comes in a square form, so what you need to do is jut cut it into thin silde as you can see in the photo above. Or just cut it in a size that suits you. And for your cute children, use a cookies cutter to form the cheese in any shape that they would love.
  • Wash the potatoes and cook them until it's done. You can say it when running a small knife through them easily. Put them into something, so that they can stay warm the whole dinner. I often use my tea tower to cover them.
  • Put the dried meat and the pickels into different plates
  • Mixed Salad is optional, but something green is never harmful, right?
  • And the raclette oven. What if you don't onw one? Don't worry, just buy one!  Isn't it just to much if you have to run all the time into your kitchen and keep melting cheese in a pan for the whole family? A small, convenient oven has 4 or 6 or 8 individual trays, that are for melting your delicous cheese.
  • Enjoy your meal with white wine or  hot tea!

  • ShoggothDreams
    ShoggothDreams says

    Mmmmm... I do Raclette with Red Skinned Potatoes for breakfasts when we have the Farmer's Market.

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