prawns stew rice Recipe

prawns stew rice


rice: 1 small bowl

prawns: 1 bowl, medium size, deshelled and deveined and well washed

lemon grass: 3" part from root side (crunchy tubular part) 3/4 pieces

basil: preferably fresh, 4/5 leaves

spring onion: 2, white and semi green part cut into medium size pieces and green portion to be finely chopped

ginger garlic paste: 1 tea spoon

green chilies: 2, keep them whole and give only diagonal cuts

coconut cream: 2/3 table spoons

raw mango: 1 table spoon

some salt

olive oil: 1 table spoon

How to make prawns stew rice

last night i had this strong craving for rice, didn't want to have anything heavy so tried to put few things together and arrive at some healthy option. but at the end couldn't resist adding some coconut cream and it no longer remained a low cal rice.

apply ginger garlic paste and some salt on prawns. keep it aside to marinate.

wash and soak rice. drain it after 10 minutes and let it dry for a while.

heat oil in deep thick bottom pan on medium heat. add green chilies, basil and lemon grass, followed by white and semi green onions (green part is for garnish). saute it for little while and then add rice. simmer the flame keep turning it till rice gets hint of brown (only hint). add some salt and add 3 small bowls of hot water (the same that you used for measuring the rice) allow the rice to cook on simmered flame. it shouldnt take more than 1o/12 minutes for rice to get completely cooked. if the water is dried up add some hot water to suit the consistancy of stew that you desire. once the rice is cooked add prawns. after 3 minutes check if the prawns are cooked (they coil when cooked) add coconut cream followed by raw mango. in case you want the stew to be thicker add corn flour disolved in water. cook for a minute (on simmered flame only). garnish it with remainder of spring onion. control the quantity of spring onion, too much of it can kill the other flavours.

eat it with side dish of pepper garlic french beans or crispy fried prawns.

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