grapes and cottage cheese salad Recipe

grapes and cottage cheese salad


grapes: 200 gms, vertically halved

cottage cheese (very soft one the one that melts in mouth) 100 gms, cubed in 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm size

bell pepper: small ones, one red and one yellow, deseeded and chopped in 1cm x 1 cm size

cucumber: 2 small, peeled and cubed

salad leaves: 2 (torn into bite size pieces)

black pepper: 8/ 10 , freshly crushed

some salt

a tea spoon of olive oil


How to make grapes and cottage cheese salad

mix all the ingredisnts in salad bowl, alter salt and pepper as per your requirement. you may try this one with other forms of cheese too. i like it with cottage cheese cause its low cal ....

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