Egg Halwa (Indian dessert) Recipe

Egg Halwa (Indian dessert)


Egg - 4
Milk - 500 ml
Ghee - 2 tbsp
Saffron Powder/Food color - 1 Pinch
Green Cardamom - 3
Cinnamon - 1"
Raisin - 10 gm
Pistachio & Almond - 25 gm
Sugar - 150 gm

Note: Ghee can be found in any Indian store. If you still can't manage it, take plain butter and microwave for 30 seconds and use the clear liquid (leave the white residue).

How to make Egg Halwa (Indian dessert)

1. Beat eggs very nicely
2. Boil milk with cardamom and cinnamon until it becomes thick (reduces to half

3. Add beaten egg to the milk, stirring constantly until it forms fine granules.
4. Add ghee, sugar, raisin, and Saffron Powder. Cook until all the water evaporates.
5. Remove from fire and decorate with slices of Almond and Pistachio (Optional).

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  • KamanKaman
    KamanKaman says

    can you please post one for mango halwa!? :D

  • begumskitchen
    begumskitchen says

    Its very interesting you asked for Mango halwa :) people don't make it very often. A very simple way would be to replace the egg in this recipe with 1 fully ripe mango. If you want a more typical recipe, then add a step "fry 2 cup semolina in ghee for 15 minutes" before 'step 2' above, and skip the 'add ghee' from Step 4. And of course replace egg with 1 mango.

  • ishyJ
    ishyJ says

    I love egg halwa! Haven't had in a long time and this just inspired me to make some :)

  • begumskitchen
    begumskitchen says

    Great to hear this make you go and make some :)

  • skoch
    skoch says

    Lovely recipe. I want to give it a try!

  • honeynbutters
    honeynbutters says

    I love how foods mix through so many cultures. Persians have halva too but it's not at all like this but we also have a dessert called sholeh-zard (literally meaning soft yellow) which is made very much like your recipe. I'm dying to make this and see how it compares, thanks!

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