10 minute marinated steak Recipe

10 minute marinated steak


Fillet steak (buy the best you can afford - it makes all the difference)
Red Wine (Merlot or Shiraz ideally)
Soy sauce
Honey (highly recommend Manuka honey)
Crushed garlic (or powder)

Whole grain mustard
Sea salt
Black pepper
Worcestershire sauce
Gourmet boiling potatoes
Red Kumera (sweet potato)

How to make 10 minute marinated steak

  1. Put six tablespoons of red wine into a bowl
  2. Add three tablespoons of soy
  3. Add one tablespoon of manuka honey
  4. Add one tablespoon of whole-grain mustard
  5. Add pepper (ground)
  6. Add some garlic powder
  7. Squirt in a bit of worcestershire
  8. Mix around until you get a syrupy marinade, and honey is all mixed in
  9. Dip finger in and taste! Should be sweet and slightly salty - if not add more soy!
  10. Lightly score surface of steak (both sides) with a non-serated knife (to allow for better marinating)
  11. Put steak in marinade bowl, spoon marinade over the top and sides
  12. Dice potatoes and kumera into small cubes - smaller the better but up to you (and your patience)
  13. Put into pot of boiling water (don't forget to add salt to the water!)
  14. Flip steak over in the marinade
  15. Check potatoes every few minutes by poking with a sharp knife - remember that the kumera will cook faster than the potatoes! Don't let them turn to mush!
  16. Once potatoes are almost ready, turn heat down and heat up a pan on high heat
  17. Flip steak over in the marinade again
  18. Pour red wine into wide glass(es) to allow for breathing before consumption.
  19. Once heated, turn heat down and add steak. Spoon on some extra marinade but make sure you save some!
  20. Cook for as long as suits you, personally I like medium-rare so cook for about 4 minutes.
  21. Flip steak over and turn off heat. Cook for further 1 minute.
  22. Take pan off heat and leave to sit.
  23. Empty water from potatoes and kumera and spoon onto a plate.
  24. Put steak on top and pour rest of marinade over the top.
  25. ENJOY! You should now have steak that falls off your knife, tastes insane and when mixed with the potatoes and sweet kumera is just amazing.
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