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  • FireflyKitsune

    I have made something like this before, and they are really great! I like to coat mine with white chocolate, just like those white fudge oreos that come out during the holidays!

    on oreo truffles
  • amberveggies

    Tranism-seriously, I make these, eat one, and then give the rest away, because if I didn't I wouldve probably gained 5pounds by now. Fishandkat- you definitely should. It's so easy and sooo good! Muttoneer- it IS really good!

    on oreo truffles
  • muttoneer

    This sounds really good.

    on oreo truffles
  • fishandkat

    Mmm..yum! Sounds delish! I'll try this!

    on oreo truffles
  • tranism

    Girl, you're trying to fatten me up!

    on oreo truffles