The Animal Recipe

The Animal

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  • A "Super Nachos" / "Super Potato Oles" plate
  • Two portions of beef
  • A portion of chicken
  • A portion of steak
  • A portion of cheese (cheddar, three blend, or nacho)
  • A small order of Potato Oles (Optional)
  • Any additional ingredients you may want (Ranch shown in picture)

How to make The Animal

Order this at Taco Johns. If you would like, mix in a small order of Potato Oles (It then becomes "The Meat And Potato Deluxe")

Stores vary, but reciting the following will most likely get you what you want if the cashier does not understand your request.

"I would like a plate with beef, chicken, steak, and cheese. Just charge me for what you would add to an order if someone wanted 'extra beef, chicken, steak, and cheese,' and then put it on an empty plate."

It gets its name because it is the polar opposite of a salad. It is a plate of hot, delicious meat. Vegetarians and diabetics beware.

  • Larph
    Larph says

    I feel shooting pains in my left side just looking at that thing. I still want to eat it.

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