MacRamen Recipe


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  • A box of standard macaroni and cheese
  • A packet of Ramen (Any flavor you want)
  • A shitload of butter
  • Some shredded cheese (Optional)
  • Meat (Optional)

How to make MacRamen

This is a collection of the things that have worked the best for me while making improvised Ramen dishes. I customize my Ramen to the extreme.

I eat a lot, and I am unable to eat all of this in one sitting usually. I would say this should feed at least two people, probably three.

  1. Throw some water in a pot (around six cups)
  2. Put it on the stove on high.
  3. Forget about it for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Remember that you're hungry and go back to the stove.
  5. Throw the Ramen noodles and the macaroni noodles into the pot.
  6. Stir to the duration of three songs on your iTunes or Windows Media Player. Or your CD player. Or the radio.
  7. Strain the water out. You can leave a little in there if you want to I guess but get most of it out.
  8. Pour noodles into the bowl that you will be using. You will need a large bowl. If you only have small bowls, you are screwed. Use a Tupperware container or something.
  9. Add approximately "a shitload" of butter, add all of the cheese packet from the macaroni, and add all of the Ramen flavoring.
  10. Mix it up a bunch.
  11. (Optional) Add some random meat from your fridge. Sausage works amazingly but you can pretty much use anything from hot dogs to turkey. Trap the meat within the noodles to heat it up. Trust me, your bowl will be piping for a good 5-10 minutes. Refrigeration recommended for impatient people.
  12. (Optional) Add a bunch of shredded cheese and mix it around. The cheese will melt, making the macaroni stickier and cheesier.
  13. (Optional) Spice it up. I found some random spice that I don't even know what it's supposed to be used for, but it tastes great with this dish. Make something up.

The most important thing here is to improvise. Nobody invented anything by following the directions. If you want to pour BBQ Sauce in your noodles, do it. Be creative. I didn't get this "recipe" from anyone, I just kinda did whatever I wanted while making Ramen one day, and this is what I usually make.

  • KamanKaman
    KamanKaman says

    I hope you exercise! (>.<) I wish I could eat like you and not gain a lb.

  • tekovro
    tekovro says

    I made an account here just so i can comment and say that this is the best recipe i have ever read. it sounds kind of gross but i laughed my a$$ off reading the instructions. X-D Chef de Comedie!!!

  • chanok
    chanok says

    are you for real?

  • suparstarx
    suparstarx says

    lol wow this is kinda disgusting. anybody else try this? O_O

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