Vegetable Basmati Rice Recipe

Vegetable Basmati Rice



  • 300g basmati rice
  • 9dl water
  • salt


  • tofu as much as you like
  • 1 zucchini
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 bananas
  • 500g pineapple
  • 200ml cocosmilk
  • 2 paprikas
  • if you want a pack of instant-curry
  • chinese spice
  • soja-sauce
  • curry spices
  • safran

How to make Vegetable Basmati Rice

My little sister asked me for cooking something asian. So.. I love tofu, curry and rice. Don't like noodles... so I bought some very good and fresh ingredients and started.


I think you can read the method on every rice-pack. But here is the way I did it:

  1. Wash the rice till the water is clear.
  2. Boil the rice with the water and a tablespoon salt for 5 minutes.
  3. Let it cook on a smaller level for 13 minutes.


  1. During cooking the rice you can prepare the vegetables.
  2. Dice the tofu, zucchini, paprikas, tomatoes, pineapples and bananas.
  3. First of all roast the tofu in a fry pan. (If you have use a wok!) Then add one vegetable a time and roast. Add the cocosmilk and the different spices. I season always the rice too. So if you want you can add also some of the curry-instant to the vegetables. If it's hot enough take it away from the hotplate.

Now serve it on a nice plate. I made some rice-wits (?!) and serve the curry-vegetables in a small plate on the same plate. Of course you can also mix the rice and vegetables together and serve it as well. :-) However you prefer it... it will taste delicious! :)

  • KamanKaman
    KamanKaman says

    Absolutely GORGEOUS presentation! I love bananas too. This sounds so interesting and good.

  • aberweger
    aberweger says

    thanks :) is my favourite food... *yummi*

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