Fresh-Fruity-Muesli Recipe


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  • about 180 – 250gr nature yogurt
  • fresh pineapple, sliced
  • some wholegrain cornflakes
  • fresh watermelon, sliced
  • fresh raspberries, washed
  • some mint
  • if you need – some additional sugar

How to make Fresh-Fruity-Muesli

So ya.. plans for today? Had a *yummi* breakfast (first time I ate Watermelon this year – I can’t get enough!), learned some Italian, fighted with the new italian laundry machine we have here .. will go to “Feltrinelli International” (bookstore) at Repubblica in about an hour or so… Oh – and in the evening at 5pm … (I’m so excited) … will I have dinner with some others of FriendsInRome. We (a group of expats) will cook together some typical Italian dishes (will show you the result tomorrow) and have hopefully a good time… So… now here just the very very simple recipe for my breakfast… have to go and check what the laundry machine’s doing! See ya.

  1. Slice the pineapple, watermelon and wash the raspberries
  2. Give the yogurt into a small bowl, top with the cornflakes, watermelon slices, pineapple slices, raspberries and some mint leaves. If you want to have it a bit sweeter – just add some sugar.

  • theory
    theory says

    Nice photo!

  • cutecumber1982
    cutecumber1982 says

    I really love all your photos. Would you be able to share what kind of settings you shoot your pictures? Everytime I shoot indoors, the lighting is always so yellow, and I'm not sure how I can get a good "non-yellow" pic without using flash. Thanks so much!

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