Saffron Rice Recipe

Saffron Rice


  • saffron
  • boiled water
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 small onion
  • 3 cups cooked rice
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • salt

How to make Saffron Rice

This is for anyone who loves carbs and saffron as much as I do. The only drawback is that saffron can cost more than marijuana. I try to get a more affordable Spanish saffron, not the worst (but not the best) from my local Indian food store.

This recipe is also great for getting rid of old rice in a tasty manner. Usually I have Jasmine rice growing old in the fridge, but I'm sure this would work great with some Basmati rice or even plain Japanese sushi grain rice.

  1. Use a logical amount of saffron and soak in 2-3 tbsp hot water (boiled, not from the tap) in a small bowl for 15 minutes. If your saffron cost more than cocaine, you probably only need a few threads. For the rest of us common people, a loose teaspoon of threads will do the job.

  2. In a pan, melt the butter and add the diced and minced onion and garlic. Sweat them in the butter for a few minutes but do not let them caramelize (or burn).

  3. In another pot, dump your old rice in and start to try to break it up over low heat. Strain the saffron water over the rice. Stir to help coat all of the rice in the saffron. If you like, you can add another bit of hot water to the saffron threads to get out all the great flavor for a couple of minutes, then strain in the rest. At this point, with the heat and the water from the saffron, the rice should be softened. If you are using freshly made rice, cook it over medium heat for a while to dry it out before adding the saffron water.

  4. Add the softened saffron rice to the butter/onion/garlic mixture. Add salt if necessary (if you are using salted butter, you will probably not need salt). Stir well to combine.

This rice goes great with any Indian curry dish!

  • Oko
    Oko says

    And, aside from the expense.. how much saffron? without garlic, I tried it before and it just screams for golden rasins to sweeten it up.

  • Vivren
    Vivren says

    I recommend a good sized pinch. During your first time making it, I would taste test after the first "dose" of saffron. If it's not enough, you can re-soak and hope that it will be enough extra flavor, or you can always make more from fresh saffron and add more while you are cooking the rice. Careful adding too much water though, or your rice will be mushy.

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