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RSS Feed for Chicken Recipes, Crock Pot Recipes, Chili Recipe & more @ Nibbledish! 2018-07-22T16:28:42+01:00 text/html 2011-03-15T16:08:43+01:00 Baked Tofu Hot Wings My friend and I were craving some of these amazing vegan hot wings from a local hot spot, but were unable to make it out there, so I decided to try and make some myself.<br /><br />To prepare the tofu:<br />Wrap in a tea towel or several paper towels, and&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-03-14T19:26:08+01:00 Breakfast Burrito This is the perfect way to use up some of those ingredients you have in the fridge on a night that you want some simple, delicious, filling dinner.<br /><br />In a non-stick skillet, heat 1 tbs oil over medium heat.  Add potato, salt, pepper, and garlic and saute for about&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-03-09T18:37:08+01:00 Quick Mexican Style Soup This is a very quick soup that is easy and hearty!<br /><br />In a large pot, heat oil over medium heat.  Add garlic, shallot, cumin, carrots, and celery.  Saute for about 5 minutes until very fragrant.  <br /><br />Add stock and bring to a boil.  Add the oregano, cayenne, 1/2&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-03-04T22:36:06+01:00 Quinoa Stir Fry Like most of my recipes, this is something that you can use just about any vegetable you have in the fridge.  Usually, I like to add some carrots, celery, broccoli, and then some frozen Asian style stir fry vegetables.  Feel free to use whatever you have around.<br /><br />In a&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-23T19:29:26+01:00 Strawberry Arugula Salad This salad is a wonderful balance of sweet, salty, tart, and peppery. It is perfect along side any meal, but I usually serve it with an Italian style dish.<br /><br />Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.  Top with an Italian vinegarette or use one of my standard dressing recipes:<br&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-23T19:04:13+01:00 Brie and Apple Sandwiches This is such a yummy sandwich that won't make you feel too full or bloated after you eat it.  I often use light brie cheese, but you can go for the full fat too.<br /><br />Toast the bread on high in a panini maker or stove top.  Layer the cheese&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-23T18:20:53+01:00 Soyrizo Shepherd's Pie This was inspired by my friend's husband who cooked mashed potatoes for his (meaty) shepherd's pie with chillies.  It's delicious and a bit healthier for you than traditional shepherd's pie.<br /><br />To save time, I used a pack of instant roasted garlic mashed potatoes (I know, I know), but fresh&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-21T18:46:34+01:00 Mustard Hummus with Cream Cheese If you like stone ground mustard, you will love this creamy and spicy hummus.<br /><br />It might seem like a lot of cream cheese, but it is needed to balance the strong flavor of the mustard.<br /><br />In a tall container, combine all ingredients and puree with an immersion blender.&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-11T17:00:03+01:00 Soyrizo Breakfast Burrito This is so yummy that we've now eaten it two nights in a row for dinner.  (You will too!!)<br /><br />In a large, non-stick skillet, heat 1 tbs vegetable oil over medium heat and saute potatoes and 1/2 granulated garlic until slightly browned.  (Sometimes if they are not cooking quickly&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-11T16:18:14+01:00 Spaghetti Sauce This is a recipe that only gets better the longer you cook it, so be prepared to wait a bit for the deliciousness that will ensue.<br /><br />If you like, add some vegetable towards the end!<br /><br />In a large skillet, heat oil over medium heat.  Add garlic, salt and&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-09T20:46:55+01:00 Healthier Nachos This is just an updated version of my nachos that manages to get a few more vegetables in there!<br /><br />To Make:<br />Preheat the oven to 375F degrees.<br /> <br />In a medium size casserole dish, spread an even layer of chips lining the bottom of the dish.  Drizzle nacho&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-09T20:36:28+01:00 Spicy Dry Rub I realize this is not my usual kind of recipe, but I made it for the man for a steak rub, and now I've been using it in everything!  You can make this in large or small quantities.<br /><br />Combine all spices in a container and mix thoroughly.  Use on&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-09T20:31:23+01:00 Tortellini with Creamy Greens You can use any kind of greens that you want with this.  I used a variation of mustard greens, but spinach, arugula, dandelion, or any other thin salad greens would work.<br /><br />Cook tortellini according to the package directions in seasoned/salted water for about 2 minutes less than directed.  Drain,&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-09T20:16:59+01:00 Cream Cheese and Garlic Chili Hummus While this looks like roasted red pepper hummus, it is so much more delicious and flavorful!  I made this for a superbowl party and people just loved it.<br /> <br />In a tall container, combine all ingredients and puree with an immersion blender.  If you do not have an immersion&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-04T16:58:57+01:00 Italian Vegan Vegetable Soup This was created while I was craving pizza, but was on a very strict vegan, liver healthy diet (i.e. no bread or cheese and only liver healthy veggies).<br /><br />In a dutch oven, heat oil over medium heat.  Add garlic and onion and sweat for about 5 minutes.  <br /><br&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-02-01T22:26:53+01:00 Curry Hummus This is so delicious and so easy to make.  It is perfect for bringing to a party or to keep in the fridge for a healthy snack.<br /><br />In a tall container, combine all ingredients and puree with an immersion blender.  If you do not have an immersion blender, go&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-01-26T21:42:36+01:00 Vegetable Broth with Ginger This recipe was developed from my roasted root vegetable recipe during a liver cleanse that I was on.  The broth is rich and hearty, and will fill you up with with healthy nutrients.<br /><br />In a large pot, place all of the roughly chopped vegetables and cover with water.  You&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-01-26T17:02:21+01:00 Crispy Brussels Sprout Snacks These little bites are so yummy, you'll forget you're eating a vegetable at all.  I make them in big batches because they will go fast!  This recipe will make enough for a side dish for 3-4 people.<br /><br />Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.<br /><br />Wash and remove the outer&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-01-26T16:13:29+01:00 Roasted Root Vegetables This is such a simple and delicious recipe that can be used for many things.  After roasting these, (I, of course, ate a few), then I made a broth out of them (by adding some other ingredients), and then I pureed the solids left from the stock.<br /><br />I will&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2011-01-21T04:31:35+01:00 Heavenly Havarti Sandwiches I'm so annoyed when I go out to a deli or sandwich shop and they have a vegetarian sandwich that is a complete afterthought or something totally unappetizing (like a soggy bun and soggy grilled vegetables).  When I eat a sandwich, I want something crispy, fresh, and delicious!<br /><br />Not&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div>