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  • aaronosufan

    This was simply delicious, I plan on trying the other recipes you have on here. --Thanks.

    on Eggplant Curry
  • foodexplorer

    thanks for sharing... it was so easy and so yummy :)

    on Wonton Soup
  • samosamo

    Oh man this has my mouth watering

    on Wonton Soup
  • starvinmarvin

    hi tia--just registered so i could tell you how much i enjoyed this dish. it was my first time making a curry dish and i'm hooked! by chance, your's was the first recipe that came up on google and caused me to stumble onto this great site.couldn't locate birdseye chiil peppers so i substuted a few tsps of vietnamese garlic chili sauce. i see that the birdseyes are used in many recipes so i plan to find them. i like to think of you as my new food guru--thanks!

    on Eggplant Curry
  • worldpeas

    love this stuff. making this for the superbowl tomorrow lol.

    on Baba Ghanoush