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  • SpitsnPieces

    My first time to see this kind of chicken recipe. OR maybe I am just not aware that there are other chicken recipe other than BBQ chicken. :D Thanks for sharing. It looks delicious. I'll try to cook that sometime.

    on Chicken Tikka
  • helpmonkey

    I prefer cooking BBQ chicken ... I tried a homemade BBQ sauce the other night was easy and really good got it off divas can cook ... my version is listed on iracook dot com. I am going to try your Tikka recipe tonight ... if it turns out as good as the comments say it is I will post a cpoie on iracook if you dont mind

    on Chicken Tikka
  • byGilles

    Chicken tikka is all time favorite for those who eat chicken.Really nice recipe. I am eagerly waiting to try this recipe as soon as I am free

    on Chicken Tikka
  • slow75

    thanks for recipe :)

    on Chicken Tikka
  • Dumpy21

    This was somewhat challenging for me to prepare but it came out nice!

    on Chicken Tikka