Gazpacho Jelly with Baby Mozzarella Recipe

Gazpacho Jelly with Baby Mozzarella


80 gm        Baby Mozzarella

12 pc         Cherry Tomato

20 gm        Basil Pesto

20 gm        Black Olive Tapenade

40 gm        Rocket Leaves

40 gm        Red Onion

Salt and Pepper (To Taste)

80 ml         Balsamic Vinegar

20 gm        Brown Sugar

50 gm        Focaccia Bread- Toasted

Gazpacho Jelly (recipe)

50 gm        Vine Tomato

1 pc           Garlic Clove

20 gm        Red Onion

20 gm        Red Peppers

20 gm        Green Peppers

20 gm        Cucumber

20 ml         Olive Oil

10 ml         Sherry Vinegar

Gelatin (Take 8 Sheets to the Litre)

5 pc           Peeled Almonds Soaked in Milk

How to make Gazpacho Jelly with Baby Mozzarella

Day 1

  • Prepare a gazpacho with the shown ingredients, season to taste. Make sure to add the almonds and oil last, to ensure a smooth consistency
  • Dissolve the gelatine and add to the gazpacho and chill over night in a rectangle shallow dish which has to have a flat bottom
  • Marinate the halved baby mozzarella with the pesto, refrigerate overnight as well
  • Poach the cherry tomatoes in herb oil @ 70 degrees Celsius until the skin pops off (usually takes 45 minutes) drain and chill. Reduce the balsamic vinegar with the brown sugar to have a paint like consistency and chill

Day 2

  • Cut the gazpacho jelly into stripes (see photo) just allow enough space to arrange the baby mozzarella halves on top
  • Add a cut to size toasted slice of Focaccia, spread with the tapenade, top off with rocket leaves and red onion rings
  • Garnish with the balsamic reduction using a paintbrush, add a grind of black pepper
  • Lastly add the poached cherry tomatoes (looks a lot better on the bunch) and serve

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