Chicken Recipes, Crock Pot Recipes, Chili Recipe & more @ Nibbledish! RSS Feed for Chicken Recipes, Crock Pot Recipes, Chili Recipe & more @ Nibbledish! 2018-06-24T18:36:00+01:00 text/html 2009-03-21T15:32:05+01:00 Sweet and Savory Moroccan Stew <span><span style="font-weight:bold;"><a href="http://http//">Sweet and Savory Moroccan Stew</a></span><br /><span style="font-style:italic;">10 Servings </span><br /><span style="font-style:italic;">Budget $40 </span><br /><br /></span><span>Season the chicken thighs with salt and pepper. In a large pot, brown the chicken in batches over high heat. Set aside.<br /><br />In the same pot, add the onions and sauté until translucent&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-03-21T15:25:42+01:00 Pork Tenderloin w. Spiced Carrot-Potato Puree <span><span style="font-weight:bold;"><a href="http://http//">Pork Tenderloin with Spinach, Spiced Carrot-Potato Puree, and Cilantro-Mint Chutney</a></span><br /><span style="font-style:italic;">Makes 4 servings<br /><br /></span></span><span>Combine all ingredients except the pork in a food processor. Transfer the mixture into a large, reclosable plastic bag with the two tenderloins. Using your fingers, massage the marinade into all crevices of&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-03-21T02:49:46+01:00 Panko-Crusted Spinach Dip <span><strong><a href="">Panko-Crusted Spinach Dip</a><br /><span style="font-weight:normal;font-style:italic;">Makes about 10-15 servings<br /><br /></span></strong></span>If you’ve done your grocery shopping a day or two in advance, leave the spinach out of the freezer (either in the fridge or on the counter) to defrost. When ready to use, remove spinach from the bag and place&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-03-21T02:42:15+01:00 Smoky Chipotle Vegetarian Chili <span style="font-weight:bold;"><a href="">Smoky Chipotle Vegetarian Chili</a></span><br /><span style="font-style:italic;">Makes 10 - 15 servings</span><br /><span style="font-style:italic;">Budget $50</span><br /><br />In a large pot over medium heat, sauté onions and peppers until beginning to caramelize, 8 minutes. Add the zucchini and the squash and sauté until tender, 5 minutes. Add tomatoes and continue to&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-03-21T02:33:11+01:00 Sweet Pea and Ginger Dip <span style="font-weight:bold;"><a href="">Sweet Pea and Ginger Dip</a><br /></span><span style="font-style:italic;">Makes 4 Servings<br /><br /></span>In a medium sauce pan or dutch oven with a lid, heat the olive oil over a medium flame. Sauté the shallot for a few minutes until translucent and then add the garlic and ginger and continue to&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-03-21T02:26:46+01:00 Chicken Milanese with a Rosemary Potato Galette <span><span style="font-weight:bold;"><a href="">Chicken Milanese, Rosemary Potato Galette, Spinach Salad with Cannelloni Beans, Red Onion, and Balsamic Vinaigrette</a></span><br /><span style="font-style:italic;">Makes 2 Servings<br /><br /></span></span><span>Fill a medium pot ¾ of the way with water, cover, and bring to a boil over high heat. When the water reaches its potential, add the potatoes.&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-03-21T02:15:30+01:00 Mediterranean Lamb Burgers with Tahini Slaw <span><span style="font-weight:bold;"><a href="">Mediterranean Lamb Burgers</a></span><br /><span style="font-style:italic;">Makes 4 servings (3 if you are making your burgers Serious Man Burgers)<br /><br /></span>In a small saucepan over low to medium heat, sauté the shallot and ginger until translucent, about three minutes. Add the garlic, cumin, and paprika and sauté for two minutes&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-03-21T02:06:50+01:00 Chicken with a Soy, Honey, and Beer Reduction <span><span style="font-weight:bold;"><a href="http://http//">Chicken Thighs with Soy, Honey, and Beer Reduction</a></span><br /><span style="font-style:italic;">Makes 4 Servings </span><span style="font-style:italic;"><br /></span></span><br /><span>In a large non-stick skillet or sauté pan, heat 1 tsp of olive oil over a medium flame (enough to lightly coat the bottom of the pan). Brown the chicken thighs in batches,&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-03-21T01:57:12+01:00 Egg Sanwiches w. Prosciutto & Parsley-Basil Pesto <strong><a href="">Egg McMuffins with Prosciutto and Basil-Parsley Pesto</a><br /></strong><em>Makes 25 breakfast sandwiches </em><br /><br />For the pesto, combine all ingredients in a food processor. Drizzle in olive oil as you go until light and frothy. This renders about 3 cups of pesto.<br /><br />Heat a large non-stick skillet (as deep&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div> text/html 2009-03-21T01:43:22+01:00 Carne Asada with Chipotle Mango Salsa <span><span style="font-weight:bold;">Carne Asada<br /></span><span style="font-style:italic;">Makes 6 servings<br /><br /><span style="font-style:italic;">Carne asada </span></span><span>is a North Mexican (Baja) dish involving any thin cut of meat (usually flank or skirt steak) that is marinated, grilled, and then served in tacos or burritos. It's a pretty general term, and so too are the guidelines&#8230;<div><img src="" alt="" /></div>