Pemmican Power Loaf Recipe

Pemmican Power Loaf


(mix together until consistancy is smooth) 2 mashed ripe bananas half cup crushed pineapple 2 cups flour 1tsp non-aluminum baking powder 1tbsp molasses 1cup vanilla soymilk 1/8 cup cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves 2 scoops = 2 meals of The Ultimate Meal 4 oz. water

How to make Pemmican Power Loaf

bake at 350 in a large glass dish until bottom is cooked... pull pan out of the oven take 2 scoops Ultimate meal & 4 oz. water mix & spread on top of the thin bread. roll the cake-like layer into a "log" (like a yule log) bake roll for another 25 min or until inserted chopstick pulls out clean. remove pan with Gooey loaf from oven. Let cool before cutting. Correct result: 1/8inch of crispy crust and gooey on the inside when out of the oven...

very dense and moist, near gooey but not quite after cooled ...just satisfyingly moist & tastes great...breakfast snack.

Do not cut this loaf before it cools!!! It will seep out gooeyness.

  • Edwin
    Edwin says

    looks good. i reckon it would be good with a cuppa tea.

  • JordanC
    JordanC says

    Although it's an interesting meal... it looks absolutely hideous :/

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