Kimchi Soup Recipe

Kimchi Soup


Recently, the weather is getting so cold. My husband and I are having soup almost everyday. This Korean style Kimchi soup is extremely fitting for the season and can help you save some money on heating bills.

About 4 servings

* 3 cups of Kimchi * 5 cups of Napa Cabbage (cut into bite sized pieces) * 1-2 Jalapenos (cut in half and with seeds removed) * 3-5 cups of cubed chicken breast * 8 cups of chicken stock * 8 cups of water * 5 tbsp of miso * 1 onion (chopped) * some oil * some salt

How to make Kimchi Soup

  1. Saute some chopped onion and jalapeno in oil. When fragrant add chicken and some salt.
  2. add kimchi, napa, chicken stock, miso and water. Bring to a boil and cook until Napa is softened.
  3. Add salt as desired.

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