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  • SuperGRix

    I make a recipe similar to this but I mix some cheese with the potatoes and it's sooooo good! My mom used to make them with tuna but I hate tuna.

    on tudoubing
  • rikabird

    oh my god... i love you!

    on Enchilatkes
  • anisaer

    These look very tasty! I can't wait to fry up my own - thinking about putting lentils in with the taters.

    on tudoubing
  • ShoggothDreams

    Wow this is an awesome mashup for Congee! I have become a huge fan of Congee, and am always looking for new variations. Thanks!

    on Beef Brisket Rice Porridge
  • jandn

    We made this tonight - really yummy, thanks

    on Winter Gnocchi