Wilted Green Salad Recipe

Wilted Green Salad


Mixed Greens
Hard Boiled Eggs
Mixed Radishes
Red Onion
Bell Pepper
Sliced Baguette for Crositnis
Olive Oil
White Vinegar or Wine Vinegar
Chevre or Boursin Cheese
Salt & Pepper To Taste

How to make Wilted Green Salad

Heat water to boiling.  Add red oinion & blanhc until just barely soft, a few seconds really.  Drain & add to the vinegar mixed with the sugar.  Stick it in the fridge.

Toast off the crostinis after covering them with olive oil.

Roast and peel pepper.

Slice radishes & pepper while assembling the plates along with the eggs and picked onion.

Dice bacon and heat in a big skillet until cooked but very tender & remove to drain on paper towel.

Warm cheese in a ramekin in the oven or broiler.

Slowly whisk in vinegar to the rendered fat in the skillet, being careful that the temperature isn't too hot & splatter you.  Add sugar, salt & pepper while mixing.  Toss the greens and some crushed up crostinis in for a few second just to coat them with the dressing.

Serve with  a crostini standing in a scoop of the warm cheese, and bacon pieces.
Question from the Chef

“Has anyone had black radishes before? We sliced up a huge 2 inch one that we got at the farmers' market along with some tiny red ones. It finished really peppery but with not much on the front. Dana my girlfriend said the thing looked like an alien should hatch from it.”

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