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  • SpitsnPieces

    OMG! That's awesome! I'm imagining how that taste. hehe. I wish I have a grandmother like yours :)

    on Grandmother's Apple Pie
  • rita99

    that looks delicious even for essay writers :)

    on Spaghetti Bolognese
  • satellite

    i tried this, yum! though i added guiness stout instead of belgium beer. but i love drinking belgium beers. my favs are hoegarden, stellar artois and leffe blonde amongst others.

    on Stoofvlees
  • dentistmom

    This is without a doubt the best dessert I have ever had!!! Thank you so very much for sharing this amazing cream cheese cake recipe. My husband desn't like cheesecake but he loves this!! I just can't say enough good things about it. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    on Cream cheese cake
  • Metallion

    Hey man thanks for the comment! I've checked out your page and you've got some nice looking stuff there too. How do you get that little pro icon next to your name btw? Which Belgian beers have you tried?

    on Stoofvlees