Nigiri Salmon Recipe

Nigiri Salmon


1 pack sushi grade salmon fillet (very fresh)

1.5 cups sort grain rice

4 tbs rice vinegar

2 tbs sugar( because i don't have mirin)

1/2 tsp kombu dashi

2 cups water

For the condiment :

pickle gari(ginger)



How to make Nigiri Salmon

i have a friend who lived in japan, and i told her i love to eat sushi and always fail when i try to make the rice, she give me a lil hint that not only make my sushi rice good but also tasty, to my friend thank you, for the tips and the sushi kit package ( yeach but you can also get hondasi and other stuff from asian market, now that i know what i am looking for , it easy to get it.

in a microwave rice cooker cook the rice and water for 20 min on high heat (rice cooking setting)

sliced the fish set aside

mixed rice vinegar,sugar,hondasi and pour on top of cooked rice, fan let the steam out

make a rice ball as big as your tumb

smear with a lil bit wasabi on the rice

and topped with salmon fillet

ready to serve

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