Apple Caramel Turnover Recipe

Apple Caramel Turnover


-1/2 pack Fillo dough -2-3 Apple ( any variety) -1/4 cup Brown sugar -2 tbs Water -7+1 tbs Butter -1 tbs Rum -1/4 cup Pecan (Crushed) - dash Salt -1 Egg yolk -1 tbs Milk - Strawberry - Vanilla ice cream

How to make Apple Caramel Turnover

One day I was making Banana Foster, one of my husband favorite dessert. I got a little more sauce than I was needed, so I sliced up some Apple, and tossed them in the sauce heat the fired a lil more, and I look at my refrigerator and I found Fillo dough my fave pastry dough, and brush, fold, and bake, a few minute later, come up with this nice warm and cruncy dessert.

Preheat the oven 350 F/175 C 5 minute before you are ready to bake. 1. Wedges the apple thinly. 2. Put together sugar,and water, in the pan until melted add 1 tbs butter and rum, 3. Add the apple in the pan cooked until the sauce thicken 4. Take 1 sheet of fillo dough (if frozen defrozed first until its easy to work with,keep refrigerate the night before) 5. Melted 7 tbs Butter and brushed on halfof the fillo sheet, fold them in half 6. put 1 sliced of apple in the sheet and fold like an enveloves glue the end with melted butter,keep doing untill all the sheet used up 7. Brushed with egg yolk and milk wash 8. Baked in 350 F for 7-10 minutes 9.Let it cool for a while and serve nicely with strawberry and vanila ice cream , garnish with chocolate syrup(optional)

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