Best Gluh Wine in the World Recipe

Best Gluh Wine in the World


1 Bottle French Wine
4 Mandarin Oranges or 10 Tangerines
75g Brown Sugar
1 tspn Cloves
1 Cinnamon Stick

How to make Best Gluh Wine in the World

This cheers me up the bleak time of the year, Winter!

Although I was born in the beautiful land of the rising Sun, being raised in a tropical country made me allergic to Winter, so this drink really saves me during my holidays in Europe or Japan in Winter, day and night.

1 bottle really goes fast, so I suggest going for the big bottle. 

Poke oranges or tangerines with the cloves. This will let the juice come out. Place them in a pan together with the cinnamon stick. put sugar on top, and pour wine in.

Let it come to a simmer slowly, and then put on a slowest heat possible for about 15 minutes.
  • iconsam
    iconsam says

    Sounds interesting! What is gluh wine? What type of wine(other than being French) do you use, red? cabernet? merlot?

  • Mariko
    Mariko says

    Hi iconsam! Glue Wein means "glow wine" in German. It's basically hot wine, so ordinary recipes would tell you to buy the cheapest wine you can find because by the time you heat and flavour it, the original taste is gone. I don't subscribe to this idea, and I personally think French wines or any wine from cold places work the best. Enjoy!

  • Winkyboy
    Winkyboy says

    This looks really good. I'm glad you took a picture of the in-process oranges; it really made think, "what is THIS?!" and got me interested in what sounds like a very delicious recipe. I'll give it a try. P.S. I'd recommend using organic oranges; they usually coat clementines and the like in imazalil, which is bad stuff!

  • Mariko
    Mariko says

    Hi Winkyboy! Yes, using organic products especially for recipes using skins are very important, thanks for the note! In fact I only use organic products in my cooking. Not only will it stimulate and help grow the organic produce industry (which I hope is indeed better for the world) but organic products taste so much more vividly than the normal produce. I am now trying to grow my own vegetables. If you know of any good veg gardening tips websites please let me know!

  • rinconrise
    rinconrise says

    looks delicious

  • Fnassar
    Fnassar says

    Just Tried This!! Gorgeous !! for the second btl I added Anises and few cardamom. Thank you for this

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