DETOX Y2K+7 Recipe



  • 2cl Yakult (purple is prettier. Vitagen is not okay. It doesn't leave a residue on your tongue so it is not effective!)
  • 1 sachet FYBOGEL
  • 2cl milk (optional)


How to make DETOX Y2K+7

  1. Pour Yakult into glass.
  2. Tear Fybogel sachet
  3. Stir in Fybogel with Yakult.
  4. Slurp and enjoy the natty, fibrous goodness, knowing your intestines will have a lovely purge.

4(a). For extra intestine-cleansing, add equal parts week-old milk.

  • MsNyanko
    MsNyanko says

    I can't find purple Yakult here -.- only the original...

  • MsNyanko
    MsNyanko says

    will let my friend try first. She's into stuff like colon cleanse and detoxifying brews =P

  • iconsam
    iconsam says

    Is this for real? I recently did the lemon cleanse for 10 days that really cleaned my system out. It's a much longer process however, but man, I. Felt. Awesome.

  • tommy
    tommy says

    Fybogel is damn potent. I'll proceed with care...We don't have purple Yakult in London either, only regular and low-fat.

  • LeIronChef
    LeIronChef says

    Oui, oui. C'est GENIAL!

  • telliecoin
    telliecoin says

    When I need to detox I take 1 x herbal laxative! It's herbal and your intestines get a workout WOO HOOO you can't get purple yakult here either :'(

  • JordanC
    JordanC says

    Related recipes! I can't finds dem :*(

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