Tomato and Bean Paste Crab Recipe

Tomato and Bean Paste Crab


5~ 6 tbsp        oil

600g               2~3 fresh crabs


Paste (pound coarstly)

2 tbsp              bean paste (or in Hokkien "tau cheo",

                        it is made from yellow dried soy

                        beans that have been fermented

                        and salted)

4 cloves           garlic

8 pcs                shallot

20g                  ginger



8 tbsp              tomato sauce


2  pcs               red chilies, seeded and quartered

1 tbsp              sugar, or to taste

1 pc                  egg

200 ml              water


How to make Tomato and Bean Paste Crab

1.  When oil is hot, add paste and stirp-fry it until


2.   Add tomato sauce and red chilies,  fry for about

      1 minute and add crabs for about 2-3 munites.

3.   Add sugar to taste

4.  Close wok with cover and turn the flame down to

     cook for about 10~15 minutes or until crab meat

     turns from translucent to white

5.   Turn off heat and add egg to thicken the

      sauce, mix well.

6.   Serve with plain rice


Question from the Chef

“Note : If you like to have more sauce for bun or rice (especially kids will like it), you can add in 200ml water.”

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