Devils food - bacon wrapped jalapenos Recipe

Devils food - bacon wrapped jalapenos


green jalapenos

tub of philly's cream cheese

strips of bacon rashes (cut into thirds)

some toothpicks

How to make Devils food - bacon wrapped jalapenos

CREAM CHEESE STUFFED JALAPENO'S WRAPPED IN BACON! Mwwahhahhahah! If this is not the devil's food, then I don't know what is.  I stumbled across this recipe whilst surfing net for food I could make on a stick for my "On a Stick" house warming party.  The housewarming party never eventuated, but that did not stop me from making these little suckers.  AND..omg! were the delicously evil, evil i say, even moreso sinfully addictive and easy to make.

Make as many or as little as you like folks....


Halve the jalapenos and scoop seeds and membranes out. Hint: wash hands thoroughly after this step or face the consequences (trust me, as my eye twitches whilst typing this post)

Spoon a generous amount of cream cheese into the cavity of the jalapenos.

Wrap bacon around and secure with the toothpick

Arrange on a tray and bake in oven at 200 degrees for approx 20 mins

Before serving let it cool. (Or if you're like me eat and burn the bridge of you mouth)

PS: Fantastic footy-watching-food, accompanied with ice cold beer.

  • meltep
    meltep says

    Yum! ANYTHING wrapped in bacon is ok with me! I had something similar to this made with a sausage, cream cheese & bacon mix. The sausage added a heartier texture to it.

  • Kimmy
    Kimmy says

    yes I agree, anything wrapped in bacon is fantastic. must try your alternative...thanks

  • Endymion
    Endymion says

    These in particular are killer. I have a friend who makes them ... in fact, she made them to go along with the tacos I photographed for my recipe.

  • GunnarM
    GunnarM says

    Try it middle-east-style by exchanging the jalapenos for dates. Sweeter, not so hot, but VERY good as well. Another version is just to put bacon-wrapped clams (without shells...!) on the bbq. Dip in hot chilisauce and enjoy with a cold one

  • Kimmy
    Kimmy says

    Dates?? ohh that's sound nice and bacon wrapped clams also sounds nice, I'm going to try, thanx for the inspiration

  • Jaylene
    Jaylene says

    I drool everytime I see this. D: I can never find fresh Jalapenos at our grocery. Ahhhh!

  • NinaLaurence
    NinaLaurence says

    how can it not be amazing? bacon.

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