black peppered beef Recipe

black peppered beef


400grams beef strips

Bunch of Chinese broccoli

1 Medium Onion - chopped into wedges

1 Medium Carrot - halved and then slices

tbsp finely chopped garlic & ginger

4 birds eye red chillies finely chopped

MARINADE FOR BEEF(About a tbsp of each)

dark soy sauce

oyster sauce

fish sauce

black pepper sauce

Kecap manis

minced garlic

grinded black pepper


Corn starch and water to thicken stirfry

How to make black peppered beef

This was my attempt to do black been beef stirfry, however I did not have black bean sauce in my cupboard so I used black pepper sauce. I love eating this at the Chinese restaurants however they only use Chinese broccoli and beef, in my mutated version i added carrots. Like many asian/stirfry dishes, ingredients should be chopped, sliced, diced and blanched in advance. So make sure you have all the ingredient in hand, ready for the wok

  1. In a bowl combine beef strips and marinade and mix together so beef is well coated and leave in fridge to marinade for about 20-30 minutes.
  2. Boil a pot of water on stove for blanching the Chinese broccoli and carrots. Extract the stems of the Chinese broccoli from the leaves and before throwing the stems in the pot of boiling water, ad tbsp of oil into the pot, this will help give the broccoli glistening effect. The Chinese broccoli only needs 30-40 seconds max, then take them out and strain them, then chuck in the sliced carrots for about 20 secs and then strain them as well
  3. Replace pot with wok and ad some vegetable oil and let the wok heat up, then throw in the garlic. Let that sizzle for a few seconds before adding the broccoli stems and stir it so it coated with garlic and oil, then add the leaves, stirfry until the leaves have wilted, then transfer the Chinese broccoli on a large plate, creating a bed.
  4. Place wok back on the heat and a few tbsp's of oil and add garlic and chillies. Then throw in onions and cook them for about 2 minutes (you still want them to be firm and they shouldn’t be too soft), then add the beef marinade and stir make sure the meat is evenly cooked through. At this point you can put some more cracked black pepper - I like to because it gives the dish a bit more kick. Finally ad the carrots and the corn starch mixture to thicken the stirfry. Once the stirfy has thickened, ladle it on top of the Chinese broccoli. Serve with some Jasmine rice. Serves - 6-8 people.
  • yongfook
    yongfook says

    this looks succulent :D

  • Kimmy
    Kimmy says

    Yes it was yum. nothing worst than overworked and overcooked beef in stirfry. Luv when beef melts in your mouth. cheers

  • bohemian
    bohemian says

    hmmm, I've never try making black peppered beef. This looks like a delicious. I gotta try this.

  • Kimmy
    Kimmy says

    Thanx carene do try it - kecap manis is an indonesian sweet soy sauce, it has a thicker consistency than the normal and can be found in local asian green grocers, the ABC brand is highly recommended, you mite be able to find it the supermarket..tx

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