Jeruselum Artichoke soup Recipe

Jeruselum Artichoke soup



-4 pounds Sunchokes aka Jeruselem Artichoke -1 large white onion -4 cloves of garlic -250ml 35% cream -2 litres of chicken stock -salt and white pepper -Fresh thyme -Teaspoon of non salted butter


-Fresh chopped chives -Paprika & tomato oil

How to make Jeruselum Artichoke soup

This is a wonderful soup for home.I used to make it at a Hotel in here in Toronto, it's perfect for a fall or winter starter, or even a dinner party. The flavour is unique you will find, it's also nice to have a side of freshly baked french baugette. The soup works very well with a Pinot Noir or Chardonay,the richness of the cream balances out with the wine.

(1)Peel and quarter the Sunchokes. Sautee them with butter in a large pot for a few minutes, add the diced onion and finely minced garlic.

(2) Cook until they are soft and the flavour is sweated out, add S & P to taste. Add the cream and chicken stock with 8 sprigs of the fresh thyme. Cook for 25-50 minutes on low-med heat depending on gas or electric stove.

(3)Then blend on high in the blender until it becomes a silky texture. with the lip slightly open to prevent it from popping up and potentially burning you with the HOT soup. If needed adjust seasoning. ENJOY.

  • GardenGazer
    GardenGazer says

    How do you make the tomato - paprika oil? I bet it lends a wonderful flavor.

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