Super scramble Recipe

Super scramble


  • 5 eggs

  • 4 slices of onion

  • Cilantro

  • Turkey bacon

  • Yellow cheese

  • Salt and pepper

How to make Super scramble

So I went to my doctor the other day and he said I need more protein in my body so I made this dish...

  1. Batter the eggs.

  2. Fully cook everything except for the eggs then pour in the eggs and scramble in low heat.

  3. Should be done under 3 minutes. Sprinkle cheese, salt, and pepper on top.

Serves 2. Good stuff for a sandwich I must say.


  • JordanC
    JordanC says

    Is it me, or do some of those onions look like they're undercooked?

  • JohnZhang
    JohnZhang says

    I eat raw onions

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