Steamed Chicken (金針雲耳蒸雞 ) Recipe

Steamed Chicken (金針雲耳蒸雞 )


  • half medium size chicken with bone (diced)
  • 5g dried fungus (雲耳)
  • 5g dried red dates (紅棗)
  • 5g dried lily flower (金針)
  • 10g dried mushrooms (冬菇)

seasoning - 1 tablespoon cooking oil - 1 tablespoon shaohsing(wine) - 2 tablespoon soy sauce - 1 tablespoon flour - 0.5 ground white pepper - 0.5 tablespoon sugar

serve 2-4

How to make Steamed Chicken (金針雲耳蒸雞 )

  1. mix diced chicken with seasoning ingredients and leave for 20-30mins
  2. soak dried fungus, dried red dates, dried lily flower and dried mushrooms in water seperately until softened. slice mushrooms.
  3. mix all ingredients into a deep dish, and steam with high heat for 15mins.
  • tommy
    tommy says

    I love this dish!

  • Joe
    Joe says

    my all time favourite!!! serve with rice.

  • MsNyanko
    MsNyanko says

    gum jum wan yee mun gai ^0^ my mom used to make em but without hung joe...she got lazy =P I'll try to make it myself ^^

  • Edwin
    Edwin says

    ooo that looks and sounds authentic Joe. What a shame I don't eat meat.. Maybe I can try to make it with fish? Home style rules!

  • tommy
    tommy says

    Edwin: Tofu would probably be a better replacment! Or seitan...

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