Assorted veg/meat soup rice (冬瓜瑤柱肉粒湯飯) Recipe

Assorted veg/meat soup rice (冬瓜瑤柱肉粒湯飯)


  • 冬瓜 Winter Melon 300g
  • *瘦肉 *Pork Fillet 200g
  • 冬菰 Dried Mushroom 10g
  • 乾瑤柱 Dried Scallop 4 pieces
  • 雞湯 Chicken Soup 2 cans
  • 白飯 steamed jasmine rice

*You can make your own choice of seafood or meat.

How to make Assorted veg/meat soup rice (冬瓜瑤柱肉粒湯飯)

  1. soak 冬菰 Dried Mushroom and 乾瑤柱 Dried Scallop in water until softened. dice mushroom and slice 乾瑤柱 Dried Scallop.
  2. dice 冬瓜 winter melon and 瘦肉 pork fillet into finger tip size.
  3. pour chicken soup and 300ml water into a saucepan bring to boil, then put all ingredients, cover with lid, medium heat for 15-20 mins.
  4. serve with rice.
  • tea
    tea says

    I love eating soup rices, but it's so rare in the states. I'll try your recipe.

  • flowers
    flowers says

    A nice simple meal. Great for the winter.

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