Sushi Pizza Recipe

Sushi Pizza


  • Sushi rice, about a big handful. Cooked.
  • Salmon, either cooked and chopped, raw cut into sashimi-size slices or smoked salmon.
  • Kewpie mayonnaise *IMPORTANT.
  • Sriracha (completely optional.)
  • Sesame oil.
  • Soy sauce.
  • A dash of water.
  • Avocado.
  • Masago fish eggs.
  • Cooking oil.
  • Sesame seeds, roasted.

How to make Sushi Pizza

Sushi pizza! Yum. A fried rice patty with our favourite sushi toppings. I love to order these in restaurants, and I'm thrilled to be able to do it at home. Get creative and crazy! You can replace salmon with tuna or any other sashimi/seafood you wish. Another favourite of mine is placing some scallops on top.

  1. Form rice patty with your hands until it becomes firm. It should be like a little hamburger patty in size, make sure it is thick.
  2. In a bowl, mix a bit of sesame oil, soy sauce and water.
  3. Brush the soy sauce mixture onto each side of the patty.
  4. Heat pan with cooking oil, and when ready, place patty onto pan, frying each side until nicely brown and crispy. * You can deep-fry if you wish.
  5. When done, place on paper-toweled plate and place the salmon, fish eggs and avocado. Top with sriracha and kewpie mayo, with sesame seeds.
  6. Cut into four and serve.
  • Jaylene
    Jaylene says

    I used olive oil, gives a nice flavour but if you want a "Japanese" flavour, just use normal cooking oil. :p lol

  • honeynbutters
    honeynbutters says

    Mmmm two nice combos. Kewpie mayo, is that commonly found or has to be bought at certain stores? Nice entertainment recipe, thanks!

  • Jaylene
    Jaylene says

    Its a mayo (the bottle is squeezeable, red top) and it has a package of a kewpie doll on it. It's usually in oriental sections of stores (Japanese section) and could be purchased at Asian grocers.

    HONEYDEW says

    This looks tight! I love Kewpie mayo!

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