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  • Fire12449

    FYI...I find that soaking in water to wash off the sprouts bean shell caps helps and breaking off the stringy tail ends makes it a better and easier way to eat it. A little tedious but way better. I also like to go outside of the box and add dash of oyster sauce, shrimp paste and Ko chu jang ( Korean sweet hot paste } for an extra boost of flavor ;o)

    on Kong namul (Bean Sprout Salad)
  • MaheeFerlini

    Very simple. Very tasty

    on Buffalo Chicken Maki Roll
  • lalaagustin

    any other alternative for xiaoxing wine? im here in kSA

    on Chinese Beef Stew
  • milkteadiy

    yes...and i love this tea as well...it just tastes so GREAT!If anybody wants to try..go this website to buy the ingredients you need. http://milktea.danella-intl.biz/

    on Boba Milk Tea
  • Giusi

    Thank you Jaylene, this was soo good that I had to login just in order to be able to thank you! I changed the recipe a little bit as follows: Honey instead of brown sugar, some tahini (since my peanut butter was nearly over), himalayan salt instead of the "normal" salt, rice vinegar instead of the "normal" vinegar and cilantro instead of parsley (which I did not have.) Fantastic recipe!

    on Peanut ginger chicken