Orange Laced Minced Turkey Recipe

Orange Laced Minced Turkey


For 2:

250g lean turkey mince
200g can of cannelini beans
Half small red onion
4 tbsp frozen garden peas
6-10 cherry tomatoes, halved
Juice and zest of half an orange
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp cornflour
Half tsp chinese five spice
Dash of oil

How to make Orange Laced Minced Turkey

1) Marinade the mince in a mixture of the oyster sauce, cornflour, spice and oil for at least 15 minutes.
2) Fry the onions, then add the mince and leave to brown over a low heat.
3) Add the canneli beans, tomatoes and peas and mix in for about 5 minutes.
4) Add the orange juice and zest, cover and leave to cook for about 15 minutes until everything is heated through.
5) Serve with steamed rice.

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