Cocktail Float Recipe

Cocktail Float


  • 1 scoop ice cream of your choice
  • 1 shot (1 1/2 oz) liquor of your choice
  • mixer of your choice to fill

How to make Cocktail Float

In the dog days of summer, what could be better than a cool, refreshing cocktail?  A cocktail with ice cream in it, that's what.

The method here really couldn't be simpler.  Just mix up a drink using ice cream as either the chilling component or one of the ingredients.  What I've got is a simple bourbon and Dr. Pepper with vanilla, but you could really get creative with the combinations.  In general, grain-based distillations (like whiskey and vodka) work well with common ice-cream flavors, while plant-based liquors (like rum and tequila) work with fruit flavors and sorbets. 

You can also make takeoffs on standard drinks.   Margarita?  Lime sorbet, tequila and grapefruit soda.  Gimlet?  Lime sorbet again, but gin and lemon-lime.  White Russian?  Vanilla, vodka and cold coffee.  The options are pretty much only limited to your grocer's freezer selection.

As far as presentation goes -- if you like the frothy top as I do, put the ice cream in first and then pour the drink components over it.  If you'd rather be able to see the floating scoop, put it in last.

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