Watermelon Strawberry Cooler Recipe

Watermelon Strawberry Cooler


  • strawberries
  • watermelon

How to make Watermelon Strawberry Cooler

Always have frozen strawberry quarters in the freezer. This way you can whip up a variety of fruity frozen drink in a flash.

  1. Quarter strawberries and freeze.
  2. Blend with watermelon cubes.


  • Judy
    Judy says

    Stun. Ning.

  • JaiLovesCake
    JaiLovesCake says

    lovely. i make this all the time. ever tried strawberry and kiwi? i put just a bit of honey to sweeten.

  • Enchante
    Enchante says

    No, I've never tried kiwi. I think it'll go really well with golden kiwi (at least in color). thanks for the tip!

  • suesstudio
    suesstudio says

    Looks yummy! Nice work on the photograph too!

  • KamanKaman
    KamanKaman says


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