Mexican Lasagna Explosion Recipe

Mexican Lasagna Explosion


2 cans Refried beans

1 bag Kluski noodles

1 jar Salsa

1 large Cottage cheese

Sharp cheddar cheese

3 Bell peppers - red, yellow, green

4 cloves of garlic

2 shallots




hot sauce

How to make Mexican Lasagna Explosion

Boil up a pot o' water. Throw in them noodles. (If you can't find polish kluski noodles, you can use lasagna noodles or any other flat noodles.)

Chop up your bell peppers, throw 'em in a pan with olive oil till they get limp.  Chop your garlic and shallots throw em in with the peppers till they're translucent. 

Throw the beans and salsa in the pan dude!
If you put to much salsa in the beans they will get soupy. So be cool with the salsa, man. (Or let it cook down.)
Oregano, salt, pepper, hot sauce to taste.

Grab yourself a lasagna pan. Bigger the better.

Layer in pan as follows:

1- Bean, Salsa mixture
2- Noodles
3- Cottage cheese
4- Bean, Salsa mix
5- Noodles
6- Cottage cheese
7- Bean, Salsa

8- Cheddar cheese - put this on the top

Throw that baby in a 450 degree oven for 40 minutes.
Start baking with tin foil on. Take off for the last 10 minutes to brown the cheese.  Let it cool off for 15 min.

Cut yourself a big ol chunk of that sucker, put a spoon full of sour cream on there, and eat as much as you can without loosing consensus.

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