Egg McMadame Recipe

Egg McMadame


1 Ezekiel Brand Sprouted Wheat English Muffin
1 Egg, poached firm
1 Slice of Black Forest Ham
1 Slice Gruyere Cheese
light spread of Dijon mustard
Pinch of Salt/Pepper

How to make Egg McMadame

Place the English muffin in your toaster, with a slice of cheese on one side of the muffin. While the English muffin is toasting, poach a single egg until mostly firm (or to your liking). Once muffin is toasted, place a touch of Dijon on the opposite side of the cheese, then place the ham slice on top of the mustard. Next, place the egg on top of the ham, and sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper to you liking. Finally, place the second half of the muffin on top and press firmly. For the final touch, slice and serve with a side of fruit or light salad!

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