Daves Fried Chicken Recipe

Daves Fried Chicken

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-Cut up chicken, I buy it cut up, this recipe I used Thighs. -Salt and Pepper -Garlic Powder -Flour -Olive Oil I use EVOO(extra Virgin Olive Oil)

I really dont have any precise measurements on the ingredients, Its to taste.

How to make Daves Fried Chicken

  1. heat enough Olive oil to cover chicken in a deep pan.

  2. mix flour, salt, pepper and garlic powder in a deep bowl.

  3. Dredge chicken through flour mixture ensuing complete coverage.

  4. carefully place chicken in oil making sure you don't spash. I used a slotted deep frying scoop/spoon. Fry chicken until its golden brown and fully cooked time will vary depending on the number of pieces of chicken in the oil. When chicken is done scoop out and place on plate to drain.

I used olive oil because I didnt have enough regular cooking oil to fry chicken in, I was surprised how well it tasted and how much the chicken wasnt oily like some fried chicken is, this is my new way to cook chicken.

  • chun44u
    chun44u says

    hey! looks like KFC chicken.. :)

  • DaveWood
    DaveWood says

    thats what i tried to make it look like, except mine is a bit more healthier.

  • DivaChef
    DivaChef says

    I think yours looks better than KFC!

  • DaveWood
    DaveWood says

    why, thank you.

  • spiCes
    spiCes says

    oh i've been craving for garlic fried chicken for a long time...great tips! and thanks for the add!

  • andhow
    andhow says

    Love garlic! Must try this sometime :)

  • piranhasushi616
    piranhasushi616 says

    I feel hungry now!!! uummm!

  • sosayi
    sosayi says

    Wow.... at home KFC.... loving it! ANd thanks for the add!

  • eatfoodrecipe
    eatfoodrecipe says

    wew! now this makes me hungry! thanks for the add.

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