Corn-flaked Turkey Recipe

Corn-flaked Turkey


1 lb of Turkey
2 eggs
1.5 cups of crushed corn-flakes
Curry Powder

Golden Curry Pkg - 2 bars ( You can get a package of Golden Curry at most oriental stores that have Japanese goods. They come in mild, medium-hot, and hot. Use whatever you like)

How to make Corn-flaked Turkey

This dish is simple enough for anyone to make. We are making the turkey "schnitzel" in the top left. Schnitzel is typically a breaded pork cutlet but since I don't eat pork I've had to substitute it with turkey.


First, crush the corn flakes in a motar with a pestle. Make sure to not crush them too finely. Next, cut the turkey into approximately 3in x 3in slices. The reason for this small size is so that we can cook the turkey inside easily and don't burn the corn-flakes that will cover them later. Once all the turkey has been sliced, it is time to season it.

Sprinkle salt, pepper, paparika, and curry on both sides of the turkey to taste. Personally, I like to sprinkle salt and pepper lightly and then sprinkle both the paparika and curry powder a little more liberally.

Next, dip a slice of seasoned turkey into a bowl of 2 scrambled eggs until it is covered. Afterwards, immediately cover the egg-dipped slice into the crushed corn-flakes. Repeat this procedure until you are finish with all slices of turkey.


In a pan, heat some butter. Once it's hot, bring the corn-flaked turkey "schnitzel" over and fry them until cooked inside. In a pot, put 1 cup of water and 2 bars of the Golden Curry and bring the sauce to a boil.

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