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  • B0nk

    Chazzer, you're right, "cross" is the wrong word for what I wanted to say. The right word is "crispy". Yes, they're delicious. We're having them as a replacement for fries. You can also season them with paprika instead of paprika. I hope you like them :-) Yours, Thomas

    on Baked Potatoes
  • chazzzer

    A question from an American (who is really sorry and embarrassed about the whole Bush/Iraq thing...I voted against him both times, I swear!): I was with you at 1 kg (2.2 pounds), I was with you at tureen (big bowl) and I was with you at 200°C (392°F). However, you lost me at "As soon as the potatoes are cross and have a golden brown color, they're ready." Cross? I know about 10 definitions for the word cross, but none that I could attribute to baking potatoes. Could you explain? By the way, they look very tasty.

    on Baked Potatoes