Vegetarian Sesame Scones Recipe

Vegetarian Sesame Scones


- 100g Soft flower
- 2tablespoons Whole wheat flower
- 2tablespoons Blown sugar
- A pinch of Salt
- 1tablespoons Sesame
- 2tablespoons Soybean Flour
- 2teaspoons Baking powder

- 2tablespoons Oil of vegetable origin
- 2tablespoons Soy milk

How to make Vegetarian Sesame Scones

Preheat oven 180 degree C.

1.Add A into a bowl and mix together.
2.Add vegitable oil untill powdery.
3.Add Soy milk.
4.Spread the mixture into 2cm thick.
5.Cut it with round 2 inch mold.
6.Bake it 20mins until light and golden.

Question from the Chef

“What's your favorite way to cook with soy?”

  • ModCloth
    ModCloth says

    Those look and sound very very good!

  • 1000sunny
    1000sunny says

    @ModCloth, Thank you. It is easy to make and also healthy!

  • HungryJenny
    HungryJenny says

    Ooh, these sound nice and healthy - do they taste dry or are they quite soft?

  • 1000sunny
    1000sunny says

    @HungryJenny Hi,it is a little more dry than scones made from batter and milk. The texture is more like cookie.

  • andonk
    andonk says


  • 1000sunny
    1000sunny says

    @andonk, Thank you!

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