Peking Duck Gyoza

  • Gyoza wrappers
  • Green onion, finely chopped
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Chinese Style Roasted Duck (if you're not lucky enough to have a good Chinese deli nearby, a recipe can be found here.)
  • Oil for frying.

Although this is more a filling idea than a proper recipe, this was so delicious I decided to post it anyway.

Anytime I make gyoza, I either have leftover filling or leftover wrappers. This time I had wrappers and so I decided to do something new with them. I love Peking Duck and thought it might work well in this compact form. The crispiness of the bottom of the wrapper simulates the crunch of the duck skin in these flavorful dumplings.

First, de-bone the duck, loosely shredding or pulling apart the meat and reserving the skin and discarding the layer of fat that accompanies it.

Place the gyoza wrapper on your workspace. Layer a small portion of skin, some meat and then green onion before applying water the the edge of the wrapper, sealing into a demi-circle and crimping.

Fry-steam and serve with plenty of hoisin sauce to dip them in, for a bite-size peking duck lunch or appetizer.