Peanut butter bacon burger

Hamburger patties
Season salt
Black pepper
Mayo ( Don't leave this out! Trust me. You need it!)
Onions (red or white!)
Creamy peanut butter
Buns or rolls of choice

I'm not putting the amounts because this is pretty straightforward. You know how to assemble a burger :P

1. Cook your bacon to desired doneness. (Crispy works best in this recipe) Crumble into pieces.

2. Season the patties with seasoning salt and black pepper and fry or grill till it's as done as you like.

3. Put some peanut butter in a small microwave bowl and heat it, just for 30 sec - 1 min. Just to heat it enough to spread.

4. When burger is done, assemble. Slather mayo on both sides of the bun, add lettuce, onion, and patty. Pour on the warm peanut butter and top with bacon. Enjoy this monstrosity without any guilt.. because it's GOOD!

Tip: If you put a pan fried banana on this burger, I believe it will be called an "Elvis burger". I had one in a restaurant once but I can't recall where.