Pea Soup with Lasagna

Makes 5-6 Pax

100g Lasagna Sheets
1 Cup Frozen Peas
Salt and Pepper
5 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil


300g Pig Tail
Whatever vegetable you can spare
1.5 Litre Water

I love noodles, but sometimes I get tired of slurping. I was inspired when I saw the Chinese Pan Mee, where they break the noodle sheet into the soup.

I recreated it with Lasagna sheets, and it was so nice.

First, make the soup, following my Chicken Stock recipe but this time replace the meat with pig tails or whatever leftover you can get from the butcher.

The rest is simple.

In a plenty of boiling water, chuck a handful of salt and olive oil. I normal never put olive oil when cooking pasta, but in this case, you would need to because lasagna sheets are sticky and easy to stick with each other. Just before you put them into water, break the sheets into triangular shapes and cook for 6-8 minutes. Strain.

Strain the stock so you get pure stock, add the peas.

In a bowl, place the Lasagna in the bottom, and pour in soup. Add finely grated Parmesan cheese if you fancy.