Pasta July

- Spaghetti - Zucchini - String Beans - Tomato - Parmesan Cheese - Salt - Pepper - Sesame/Miso salad dressing - Fresh parsley - half a lemon
This is a simple cold pasta dish-nice for the summer. 1. Cook pasta and run briefly under cold water. Oil lightly to keep it from sticking and put in the fridge to cool. 2. Cut up all the veggies to bite size pices. Saute the veggies. Start with the string beans first since they take the longest. Then add the zucchini and lastly the tomato. Add some salt and pepper to taste. 3. Set the sauted veggies aside to cool for about 15 min. Don't put in the fridge yet though. 4. Take the pasta out of the fridge and add the sauted vegetables. Combine pasta with the veggies gently. 5. Add in the Sesame/Miso dressing to taste and but the combined mixture in the fridge until cool. (about an hour) 6. When you are ready to eat-add some shaved parmesan, fresh parsley, and a couple table spoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice.