1.red bean(300g=11oz)
3.salt(a pinch of)
4.mochi(rice cake)


1.The red bean is soaked to water all night.

2.put water above 1cm (about 0.5inch)of the top ofred beans, and it boil.

3.throw away water by using the basket(colander) when coming bubble,

and repeated, and throwing away and put water again.
Repeat 2 and 3 in 3 times.

4.During simmer. Sometimes put water so that the bean should not face.

5.It boils until becoming soft.   

6.When it boils up, bean soup is same level of the top of the beans.

7. add sugar. let it simmer,again. doesn't mix it as much as possible.

8.When sugar melts, add a pinch of salt to it. boil during about 10-15 minute and it stop the heat.

9.put the lid on, if possible, it leaves it at night.  

10.serve with Mochi(rice cake)