Oopsie! Egg Curry

-5 room temperature fresh Eggs -2 Potatoes (Yukon Gold) -1 Chilli -handful of Cilantro or Duhnya Putta(Indian Name) -1 tablespoon of Cardamon pods -1 Dry Bay Leaf -1/2 tsp of the following: Garam Masala, Cinnamon, Pepper, Tumeric, Paprika,Curry Powder -1/4 tsp of Fennel seeds, Chilli powder -3 tsp of Vegetable Oil -1 Onion -5 cloves of Garlic -1 cube of Ginger -1 1/2 cup of water
Okay I was visiting my East Indian Auntie and she made a Egg Curry that was soo nice and comforting just like her. Usually Indians will boil the eggs then put them in but she forgot and accidentally cracked the egg right into the curry to which she said "Oopsie" but then after tasting it she said "It tastes rather nice." And thus and new way to cook Egg Curry was born. I had to take this recipe home with me back to Toronto, Canada and its always a crowd pleaser but really its just good ol fashion comfort food East Indian style! Okay Okay. So Technique... Take the oil and heat it up well. Add the Fennel seed, Cardamon Pods and slightly toast for one minute. Dice the onion, garlic and ginger (or blend it into a lovely pulp) fry in the oil for one minute. Then add all the spices and fry until the spices are cooked watch the tempurature keep it on alittle higher than medium tempurature but watch you must cook the spices but if its too hot everything will burn then the curry will taste burnt and sour. So maybe cook for two minutes then wash and dice medium size potatoes and fry alittle for say two minutes then dice the tomatoes, bay leaf and chillies and fry for two minutes more. When everything has softened and the tomatoes have added to the lovely spicy paste add water bring to a boil and then simmer and reduce to half the liquid with the lid half open add salt to taste and then crack the eggs into the curry turn down heat and let the eggs poach with the lid off. Let the gravy reduce and add fresh cilantro to garnish. Serve over Rice on a cold day.