Mushroom cabbage rice

- 1tbsp dried shrimps - 8caps fresh shitake mushrooms,wiped with damp towels, stalks removed and caps sliced; or dried Chinese mushrooms, soaked and diced - half a head of cabbage, washed and julienned - 0.5lb lean pork (I've used "char siew" for more flavor in my rice) - 3tbsp light soy sauce (optional if you are using "char siew" or roasted pork belly) - 2.5cups rice - pepper, to taste
1. Cook rice in rice cooker 2. Heat oil; add dried shrimps, lean pork, mushrooms, light soy sauce, and stir fry for 2-3 mins (If using "char siew" or cooked meat, the meat can be added later) 3. Add cabbage to mixture and fry lightly for another 2-3 mins 4. Add cooked meat the last, if you are using cooked meat 5. Simmer till all ingredients are cooked 6. Transfer mixture to rice cooker once rice is cooked 7. Fluff them up!